Cop Films Himself Inside Police Cruiser Making Everyone

It’s easy to forget that cops are people too. When they pull you over they certainly aren’t getting enjoyment out of making someone have to pay a fine, but they’re simply doing their job to make their own ends meet. It’s nothing personal. Because of this reason it’s easy to forget that cops like to have fun just like everyone else.

Recently, one cop by the name of Philip Paz made headlines when he decided to show a different side of himself while on the job. This officer was sitting in his police cruiser when he suddenly got a thought. Why not record himself singing along to one of his favorite songs. In no time he picked his song and got right to it.

The music starts to play and the song “Easy” by Lionel Ritchie starts to play. Looking calm and collected, officer Paz belts out the first note of the song and leaves viewers in complete disbelief. His voice is absolutely incredible – filled with so much soul! The smooth sound of his voice makes it “easy” to listen to and once he posted the video online, thousands of viewers couldn’t get enough. This officer quickly became everyone’s favorite and viewers now are requesting him to drop his own album. Listen to his incredible vocals for yourself in the video below. Not only does this man save lives but he can make anyone swoon with the sound of his voice.