Shelter Dog’s Emotional “Thank You” Moments After Being Adopted Leaves Woman In Tears

All abandoned dogs wonder if the day will ever come when they will be adopted. Anyone who has ever visited an animal shelter knows that there is sadness in the air, as the dogs and cats peer out of their cages desperate to feel love from a human. One dog, in particular, couldn’t wait to find his “forever home,” and having spent most of his life tied to chain he wondered if that day would ever come.

When a woman showed up to the animal shelter and spotted the sweet pup, it was love at first sight. She knew that he had been abused in the past, so she wasn’t sure how well he would adjust to his new life – but it didn’t take long for both of their fears to melt away. What cameras captured next will leave you in tears, as the loving dog said “thank you” to his new owner in the sweetest way.

As soon as the pair hopped into the car to head home, the dog immediately made it clear how appreciative he was. With so much love left to give, he couldn’t stop showering his new momma with appreciation – instantly bringing her to tears. See the beautiful moment a shelter dog finds out he is going home in the video below – his “thank you” will melt your heart!