This Clever Judge Turns The Tables On Animal Abusers With A Dose Of Their Own Medicine

Those who love animals find it hard to imagine why anyone would ever inflict pain on our furry friends. A judge named Michael (Mike) Cicconetti from Ohio is the proud owner of a beautiful Bernese mountain dog and an overall animal enthusiast.

He is committed to helping end animal abuse and neglect in his community and has set about to combat the problem in an unexpected way. He uses his sentencing power as a judge to choose sentences that he hopes will help the abusers understand why their behavior is so harmful. His ultimate goal is to get these people to stop treating their pets in such heartless ways.

For example, one local woman got in trouble with the law for allowing her dog to live in a filthy environment. She ended up in Judge Mike’s courtroom. So when it came time for him to hand down her sentence, he decided to allow her to have a brief glimpse into what the poor pooch’s life had been like under her abuse and neglect.