Divorced Mom Ready To Board Plane With Children When Son Sees Dad Coming Toward Them

Divorced mother Laura Dee was ready to put the stress of daily life behind her and jet off on vacation to Cyprus with her two kids, Darcie, 11, and Callum, 9. Their bags were packed, the tickets bought, and the trio headed off to the airport with dreams of sandy shores in their heads. Unbenknownst to Darcie and Callum, a fourth guest was accompanying them on their trip – and it was someone who would bring them both to tears immediately. Thankfully, Laura decided to record her big reveal and share it online for the world to see.

Laura, Darcie, and Callum waded through the crowded airport walkways in search of their gate. Then, out of the many faces, a familiar one appeared! It was her children’s father, her ex-husband. Even though they separated eight years ago, they worked together to make a fun family vacation possible. Laura told Newsflare, “As parents seeing our children upset is hard, all we want is to make our children happy. Co-parenting is hard for many people, but we are proud of what we have achieved with bringing our children up.”

Instead of bickering, putting the kids in the middle, or whatever mental and emotional games divorcees play with their former spouses, Laura and her ex-husband did what was best for the children. Now they’ll be able to make their kids feel whole and create life-long memories with them at the same time. Watch Callum and Darcie’s heartwarming reaction to their father’s surprise appearance in the video below. This clip is the perfect example of how beautiful co-parenting can be – and how much of a positive effect it can have on the children!