Mama Orangutan Devastated When Baby Gets Kidnapped But Instant Rescuer Brings Lost Infant Back Everything Changes

When orangutan mom Clara gave birth to a baby girl named Clarita, she was ready to give the newborn all the love and attention she deserved. Sadly, days after the baby was born the unthinkable happened. Out of nowhere, a dominant male orangutan appeared with plans of his own. Snatching Clarita up, he ran away clutching the tiny infant.

While baby Clarita was eventually discovered by park staff, there were many concerns about how she would react to her long-lost daughter. Worried that the baby’s new scent would throw Clara off, rescuers were nervous about reintroducing mom to her new child. Cautiously approaching Clara, the park employee carefully hoisted her baby up to the gate, showing mama the child she had recently lost.

What unfolded next was nothing short of incredible, as the workers quickly realized they had nothing to worry about. After a few moments of brief re-introduction, Clara reaches out, motioning for the employee to hand her the baby. It doesn’t take long for mom’s motherly intuition to return, and what cameras captured next will warm your heart. See how the orangutan pair’s sad story gets the happy ending it deserves in the video below – what a beautiful moment caught on tape!