Kids About To Go On Vacation With Divorced Mom – Then, They See Their Dad Walking Towards Them In The Airport

Going through a divorce is always very hard on all people involved. While it is tough on the adults that need to deal with the separation, it can also be very hard on the kids.

This is even true when both parents are amicable and try to work together to make the transition easier. One situation where divorce can be tough is during a family vacation.

One heartwarming story involving a divorced couple and their kids took place over the past few months when a mother named Laura decided to take her kids on a trip. Since Laura and her former spouse had been separated for eight years already, taking separate trips was nothing new. However, the two parents decided to do something to make the trip more fun and memorable for the kids.

When Laura arrived at their airport with her two kids, aged 11 and 9, the younger child immediately took the reins and led the family through the airport.

While the kids were focused on their exciting upcoming trip to Cyprus, they were overwhelmed with a happy surprise when their father approached them on the way to the gate. Knowing how happy it would make the kids, both parents agreed to share the trip together so they could all experience Cyprus as a family.

The surprise led to the start of a very exciting adventure for the kids and parents.

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