Dad Sends Autistic Son Into Restaurant To Get Menu Only To Be Left Stunned By How He’s Treated

Parents of children with disabilities worry about how others will treat their kids. Pat Long practiced over and over in his car with his son Owen how to ask for a takeout menu from a local restaurant in New York, Sun Cuisines. Owen has autism and likes to be comfortable with what he is about to eat. Studying the menu in-depth would help him feel better about his choice.

After Owen had practiced asking for a menu with his dad in the vehicle, he finally felt ready to head into the restaurant and ask an employee for one. Pat instructed Owen to bring the menu back to the vehicle where they would together pick something for him to order for dinner. Owen headed into the restaurant but didn’t return right away. Pat grew worried, so he headed inside to see what was going on.

It turns out that Owen had asked restaurant co-owner Aye Thein for a menu, but she did so much more than that. In fact, what Aye did brought tears to mom Sandra’s eyes. She shared Owen’s experience on social media where their story has since gone viral. Discover in the video below what occurred in the restaurant that prompted Sandra to make her story public. It’ll warm your heart!