Elderly Man Can’t Buy Groceries At Walmart After Losing $100 Bill. Then, The Phone Rings

Being a mom can be tough even at the best of times. However, there is nothing as rewarding as realizing you are doing the right thing with your children. This was the case for one mom who was amazed at what her 8-year-old son did even when no one was looking.

That mom, Jodie Johnson, enjoyed writing on Facebook about the rewards of raising her son Jaron and how helpful he can be. For example, she wrote one day that he not only did his homework when asked, but he also cleaned up the house. He vacuumed, organized a closet and rearranged the living room. She said he was amazed at how responsible he was for his age.

But even she was surprised by what her son did one day at Walmart.

The two of them were walking through the store when the little boy found a $100 bill. Plenty of people, including kids, would keep the money, but Jaron told his mom. He asked his mom to phone the store and find out if someone had lost the bill.

The bill had been dropped by an 86-year-old man who was on a fixed income. James Grice had gone there to do his grocery shopping, but when he lost the bill, he left without any money. He said he had turned the situation over to God and hoped that someone who needed the money more than he did had found it.

Grice was so happy when he got the phone call from Walmart that someone had found the money. He gave the boy $20 as a reward, and the boy’s mother was delighted that her son had done the right thing.

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