This Pediatrician’s Amazing Trick Can Stop A Baby From Crying In Only 5 Seconds!

“The Hold”

Sometimes even after you’ve already checked the usual causes of crying, such as hunger, a desire for a pacifier, and needing a diaper change, the baby still isn’t able to calm down. This unexplained crying causes many parents to feel like throwing in the towel.

That’s where this fascinating video can come in handy.

Dr. Robert Hamilton is a pediatrician based out of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica, California. He has spent over three decades perfecting a method of helping crying babies to calm down and stop their incessant sobbing. He calls this skillful maneuver “The Hold.” He uses it on babies who are crying after they’ve just gotten shots, and you can see on the video that it seems to work like a charm! He uses it on babies of various sizes and it consistently causes them to stop crying in a matter of seconds!

According to this expert pediatrician, if The Hold doesn’t stop a baby from crying he or she must be sick or in need of nourishment.

Parents and caregivers can master this ingenious holding and motion technique to try and sooth the crying infants in their lives.

Did you ever try any special holds or moves to try and get your baby to stop crying? Let us know your thoughts on this remarkable video! Pass it along to all the parents and caregivers you know who deal with the challenge of crying babies!

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