Science Says Growing Up With A Sister Makes You A Better Person

Sibling rivalry is something that has been going on since the beginning of civilization and growing up with a sister can sometimes be the tougher than growing up with a brother. However, for children, research has shown that having a sister can actually be great for emotional and mental health. Having a sister can teach many valuable skills that will help children develop into better people as they become adults.

Emotional Support And Less Stress

There are many benefits to growing up with a sister (or more than one sister) and the majority of them deal with improved emotional health. If you grew up with a sister, you have reaped the benefits that come along with having a female sibling. If you have children or are planning to have children, your children can reap these benefits if you are lucky enough to have a girl.

One benefit of growing up with a sister is that it can lead to less stress. Since girls are more in touch with their emotions and are usually comfortable with sharing emotions, this means that you will have someone to go to when you are stressed and need an understanding person. Having a sister in the family can help keep the balance of expressing emotions and not expressing them. According to