Warning! Horrible New Trick: If You See Plastic Bottle On Your Tire, You Are At Risk

Criminals who rob drivers — and even their cars — are a concern for police everywhere.

This is especially true as new methods constantly emerge in which criminals become even more savvy at robbing people.

Now the public is warned about a new, sneaky trick that thieves are using to steal valuables, or even entire cars, from drivers.

The trick is quite simple; thieves begin by targeting parking lots.

The criminals then sneakingly place an empty plastic bottle on top of the car’s right tire. That way, the driver can’t see it. Then, they wait.

When the driver is about to drive away, a strange noise sounds as the bottle is cracked broken. Unaware of the bottle’s existence, and the thieves on the lookout nearby, a driver’s first instinct is of course to leave their car and investigate where the sound came from.

It’s at that moment that the thieves complete their plan.

As the driver inspects his car, the thieves can now access the unlocked vehicle, which they couldn’t easily do before.They may grab possessions from the car, or if the driver has left their key in the ignition, even take off with the entire vehicle.

In this YouTube clip, which has been seen almost 6 million times, a man warns about this sneaky crime. He demonstrates how the thieves execute their plan and asks everyone to share this information — so that everyone becomes aware of the trick and learns to protect themselves.

See the plan go down in the video below:

I think it’s important that we all help spread this warning so that more people can be aware of these criminals’ horrible trick. If it can help even a single person not get fooled, then it’s worth it!