Fake News & Stories With Less Credibility – Update By Newzmagazine

At Newz Magazine, we take our job seriously. We believe, it’s our responsibility to make sure that the stories shared on our social media and on our website are reliable and are full of helpful information.

But it has not been easy since we started Newz Magazine. We always try to publish content which brings value and entertainment with it and our users find it interesting. We are not only publishing new and interesting stories regularly now. But our editors are also making sure that the information shared with you is right and by any means, it does not trick to get the wrong message.

We have been working very hard to follow the guidelines of platforms which bring most of the traffic on our website. Fox example Facebook, Google, Bing & Twitter etc.

We intend to match with latest trends and requirements that we are supposed to follow to deliver our content safe to our users on above platforms.

So what are we doing?