Terminally Ill Woman Weds In Hospital Bed – Husband Looks Into Her Eyes And Gasps 18 Hours Later.

he day you get married should be full of many emotions, love, happiness, and tears of joy.

These are the expected feeling for each of the martial ceremonies that occur each year.

However, for couple David and Heather Mosher, theirs was out of the ordinary.

In 2015 it was love at first sight for the pair when they crossed paths.

Once the duo met on the dance floor there were instant sparks of chemistry as this hit it off.

David then decided on 23 December 2013 to propose to Heather as they were in a horse-drawn carriage being led down a romantically dim lit street.

Instantly Heather welcomed and accepted although it wouldn’t be long before their happy news would be overcast.

Heather told David the day of his proposal that Doctors had noticed a lump in her breast which was likely to become cancerous.

Less than a week after the engagement confirmation was given to Heather advising she had an aggressive type of breast cancer and things looked bleak.

The couple decided to move the original date of the wedding forward by a week due to the rapid rate of cancer as Heather’s situation became more serious.

On 22 December almost 12 months following David’s proposal the pair got married, but not in a church, however.

Heather lay in her hospital bed as the ceremony took place while she was surrounded by those she loved.

A close friend, Christina Karas who was also her bridesmaid and photographer said: “She was determined to marry her soul mate.”

It was a  challenge for Heather to even get into her wedding dress as she was so weak and frail but eventually she did.

The ceremony began but it was a struggle for Christina to mutter her vows as each breath or movement weakened her.

These would be the last few words she would ever speak.

It was a miracle, even when she raised her arms and realized she would die, she was happy. She just wanted it to be a party,” Christina said.

She added, “Everyone cried, we all knew that this was the last moment with her and we would treasure every second.”

David felt nothing but heartache but it was filled with love more than anything else.

She was beautiful and she felt safe, I saw her illness. I saw her pain but she did not give up until she married me. It’s unbelievable how much you can love a person,  said David.

Heather took her final breath almost 18 hours later as she left this earth at the tender age of 31.

Heather funeral was held on  30 December 30, the day they had originally intended to get married.

The funeral was held at the Plantsville, Congregational Church which was the exact same venue the couple had picked for their wedding.

Christina says, “It was a really hard day, the world lost a wonderful person.

Since the wedding day, Christina has shared images of the couple she took on their wedding day which has touched hearts all over the world.

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