6 Intimate Bollywood Scenes Where Actors Lost Control


Bollywood has advanced and progressed radically in the event that we discuss this cutting edge time. Gone are the days when Bollywood films were known for moving, enthusiastic, nostalgic picture. These days, adore influencing scenes to have wound up being basic parts of any film. These cozy love-production scenes may look basic and cool to watch on the screen, individuals haven’t the faintest thought regarding the battle behind shooting and recording such scenes. Uncommon care must be taken when shooting such a nearby comfortable, insinuate scene, it must not be hurried. Everything considered, different cameras and types of gear alongside the social affair of individuals are available at the set. This game plan may make it troublesome and troublesome for the performing artists and on-screen characters to shoot their comfortable scenes. So you get a photo how hard these personal Bollywood scenes are.

Survey these wonderful couples getting all nearby and comfortable on the extra large screen energizes us as well! In any case, one thing that in all likelihood entered our brains is the strategies by which these skilled performers shoot their private and comfortable scenes. It is safe to say that they are constantly agreeable in shooting such scenes? How they set themselves up to shoot for such scenes? Today we will present to you a portion of the situations where these on-screen on-screen characters lost all sense of direction without giving it much thought that they kept the activity going even after the chief hollered CUT!

So Let’s Take A Look At 8 Intimate Bollywood Scenes Where Actors Lost Control

1. Vinod Khanna With Madhuri Dixit In The Film ‘Dayavan’

Amid the shooting of the film ‘Dayavan’, there was a sentimental scene to be recorded between Vinod Khanna and Madhuri Dixit. In the scene Vinod needed to kiss Madhuri, however the on-screen character got lost such a great amount into the demonstration that he bit the lips of the performing artist.

2. Prem Nath With Faryal In The Film ‘Gold Medal’

There was a scene in the film ‘Gold Medial’ where Prem Nath’s character drives himself on the on-screen character Faryal. In any case, the on-screen character was such a great amount of overpowered by his feelings that he couldn’t control himself and began doing the represent genuine which was intended to be reel. This occurrence stunned Faryal, in any case she got away from the grasp of Prem Nath.

3. Ranjit With Madhuri Dixit In The Film ‘Prem Pratigya’

In the film Prem Pratigya, there was a scene in which the on-screen character Madhuri Dixit is bothered by the scoundrel Ranjit. On the off chance that you trust the assets, amid the taping of the scene, the performing artist Ranjit was such a great amount of submerged into his character that he lost the feeling of what he was doing. He constrained himself on the on-screen character. Madhuri was particularly unnerved from the occurrence that she asked Ranjit to never touch her again.

4. Vinod Khanna With Dimple Kapadia In The Film ‘Prem Dharam’

Vinod Khanna was a legend, an extraordinary on-screen character who has given numerous vital exhibitions in his long celebrated vocation. Be that as it may, amid the shooting of the film ‘Prem Dharam’ with Dimple Kapadia, the performer lost control and what occurred after that shocked everybody. After the scene was taken, the chief said CUT! Vinod couldn’t stop himself and he continued kissing Dimple Kapadia for an awesome span of time. Dimple was stunned and left puzzled at this conduct of Vinod. The executive Mahesh Bhatt needed to actually apologize to Dimple for the lamentable episode.

5. Ranbir Kapoor And Evelyn Sharma In The Film ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’

India Times detailed that amid the recording of a sentimental scene between Ranbir Kapoor and Evelyn Sharma in the film ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’. The performing artist lost control while acting in the personal scene, he proceeded with the demonstration even after the chief yelled ‘CUT’.

6. Ruslan Mumtaz With Chetana In The Film ‘I Don’t Love You’

The film ‘I Don’t Love You’ made a considerable measure of features, not on account of its incredible story or splendid acting exhibitions, yet all because of its comfortable close scenes. On-screen character Ruslan Mumtaz while shooting the cozy scenes lost the control on himself. Indeed, even the on-screen character Ruslan has conceded that he got conveyed path in the scene with Chetana. The on-screen character unfastened the dress of Chetana which brought about the dress falling on the ground in a split second, however the performing artist understood his oversight and apologized to Chetana.