5 Most Terrifying Sleep Related Conditions

5 Most Terrifying Sleep Related Conditions

As an adult, nothing feels better than a long peaceful night sleep. It helps you relax and forget the day’s tiredness, stress, and hard work. However, this state of mind and body doesn’t always bring peace and sweet to everyone. Here are 5 terrifying facts related to sleeping that will make you fear the night.

The Exploding Head Syndrome (EHS)

As the sufferers of this disease gradually drift off to sleep, they imagine loud noises in their head. The sounds are similar to that of extremely loud explosives and crashes. Scientists have still not been able to figure out the causes of this syndrome. EHS doesn’t physically harm its victims but completely ruins them mentally.

Losing our Sense of Smelling

Ever heard about fires breaking out at night time while the family sleeps in the house peacefully? Fact is our sense of smelling stops as we sleep. This means that in case of a fire, you will not be able to smell the smoke and will only be aware of the fire once their lungs start getting filled with the smoke they inhale.

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

This is yet another disorder that makes the victim lose control of themselves. As they sleep, the person experiences rapid and irregular eye movements, abnormal breathing rhythm and increased blood pressure. The person also loses control of their muscles and the brain’s activity increases. This causes the person to ‘act out’ their violent dream. They can cause harm to themselves or their sleeping partner by yelling, kicking, punching or anything even worse.

Sleep Paralysis

This is a very common sleeping disorder that victimizes many people. The victim is no longer able to speak or move, losing total control of their body in a frightening way for several seconds. Scientists say sleep paralysis is not linked to anything serious and does not cause any harm to the sufferers. Many people have reported seeing ‘demonic figures’ around them or on top of them as they experience sleep paralysis.


Sleepwalking is one of the most common sleeping conditions for decades. The people around the victim suffer from this syndrome as the victim themselves remember nothing from their sleepwalking episodes. Sleepwalking can make its victims do basic activities but at times, it can even make the person physically harm themselves or the people around them.