Now Hackers Can Hack Your Car And Do Whatever They Want And You Thought You Were Safe

Yes you read that right. This is as true as it can be and this is just a starter. The world is developing at rapid pace and technology is making it easier for individuals and governments to govern their affairs.

Due to rapid population increase and the security situation, different countries are coming up with ideas that could help them govern their countries and citizens efficiently. Due to this need of governing people and their activities, there has been a technological revolution.

Most of the technology in today’s world aids us in making our lives easier. Whether its getting products delivered at home from amazon or reading about the latest news. We have got all that on our finger tips.

This tecnoligical revolution has also made us vulnerable to hacking more than ever, and in today’s world, we are vulnerable to hacking in almost everyway possible.

And one of its latest form is that now cars can be hacked too, and without our permission hackers can control our car doors, car speed, car signals and even steering.

Vice news published a documentary on 14th march and discussed how hacking can effect us. To unsure how is it possible, they travelled all the way to israel which is considered to be a power house of technology and hacking. As it can be seen in video the guy controls the car using its wifi system.

The hacker controls the windows, car doors, speed and what not. Remember this is done by accessing the car wifi system which now a default feature in all new cars.

And, we will leave this to you to decide, if the technology is really helping us or making us controlable.

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