Nine Very Harmful Habits Practiced in Bathroom

A bathroom is the place where we cleanse out the wastes, germs and dirt of our bodies to reenergize and prepare ourselves for the next day. But many of us have some habits that may lead to critical ailments. Let us take a look at the common nine bad habits people tend to ignore and therefore they have to pay a heavy price later for such carelessness.

  1. Are you using the same toothbrush for a long time?

We Indians have a common practice of using our toothbrush until the bristles are completely damaged in the mid-section and are pressed apart on both sides. Using such toothbrush disturbs the normal cleaning of your teeth and may also cause injury to your mouth tissues causing infection.

  1. Do you wash and dry your soap after every use?

Most of us have the habit of not washing the soap and drying it properly after use. As a result the germs your soap carries while you are rubbing it on your body can be carried to your family members when they use the same soap.

  1. Do not use the same loofah for long time

Do not wait for the bristles of your loofah to be disarranged due to constant use before you throw it away for a new one. A used loofah contains bacteria and other germs and may get contaminated with your skin causing various skin problems.

  1. Not keeping your perianal area clean and dry

Unclean perianal region is the root cause of many complex diseases including cellulitis or abscesses. Every time you defecate, make sure you clean your perianal region first with water and then dry the area with clean toilet paper or towel.

  1. Not keeping your shower curtains clean

If you have shower curtains in your washroom, keep them clean and germ free by frequent wash. The bacteria and virus that collect on a dirty shower curtain may easily attack you when you are touching it with your hands.

  1. Inadequate cleaning of toilet bowl

Do not keep your toilet bowl unclean for days as this is the place which comes in direct contact with the wastes of our body. From here you can get contaminated with various germs and that may cause various ailments to you.

  1. Keeping clothes on bathroom hanger is a no-no

Most of us have a habit of taking our dresses in the toilet and keep them hung in the bathroom hanger. You must not keep your clothes open in a hanger inside the toilet as germs may be stuck on your clothes and give you skin problems later.

  1. Not flushing properly

Not flushing your toilet bowl is not only an embarrassing practice but also it is the root cause of many ailments including urinary infections. The germs that gather in the toilet area after a single use can enter your body whenever you are using it in an unclean condition.

  1. Keeping it for tomorrow

Often we tend to clean our bathroom only when it gives out foul odor or looks untidy externally. This should NOT be practiced AT ALL. A bathroom not cleaned regularly may turn out to be the breeding ground of germs and can attack your body in no time.