Green Eco Washing Laundry Balls For A Greener Environment

The newest invention in the area of laundry detergents for washing clothes is the eco washing laundry ball which not only cuts down on the energy use but also reduces the emission and pollution in the water body. Through the use of ionization and magnetism they remove the dirt from fabrics and leaves behind no chemical residue in the water. Each eco ball can be used for 60 to 120 loads after which it is put into the recycle bin for reuse. The design of the product is such that it uses the cleaning power of water to wash clothes.

A cheaper alternative to laundry detergents

The eco ball and bio wash ball is not only an eco-friendly alternative to the chemically produced laundry detergent but also saves a considerable amount of money for the user. It enables the user to reduce the temperature of the washing machine and make use of other economy settings as well. They are actually clay balls which have a plastic cover on them which reacts with the washing machine agitator to produce ionization for the cleaning process. They can be used for longer periods as they do not contain any chemicals or fragrances.