Mother Nature and why she is our best teacher

As time passes by, so do seasons, the chilly winter gives way to spring, which announces the arrival of summer, the blazing sun bakes the Earth hard and just when you think, life can’t get any easier in this blistering heat, the rain-bearing clouds of the monsoon, cools the land, bringing in the much-needed relief, fostering an environment, conducive to all new flora and fauna.All these events, happen with clockwork precision and this cycle repeats until the end of time.

Mother Nature, can be at her devastating best at times, she can also be a nursery or a cradle, nurturing all new life forms, giving impetus to the notion, the circle of life.So what does Mother Nature teaches us? In nature, there’s always a balance, the Ying and the Yang, the good and the bad, so embrace this and inculcate the same, into your daily routine and you will lead a happy and content life.

Achieving true balance, is easier said than done and we all have a Po (a legendary character from the Kung Panda movie) within us, constantly searching for answers and in this journey called life, you will come across enlightened beings like Master Oogway, who will open our eyes to a whole new perspective.