Follow These Tips To Get The Best Results With Anavar

The use of performance-enhancing components is not new to the world of sports and has raised several controversies for their remarkable effects on the body. This has led the regulatory authorities of various States to incorporate strict legal provisions in their enactments to restrict the unfair use of such substances. Amongst such controversial situations, Anavar emerged as a potent drug for performance enhancement. Also referred to as Oxandrolone, it was initially launched in the market for its therapeutic properties but gradually gained recognition in the market for bodybuilders and professional athletes. If implemented with caution it can prove to be a reliable drug for both amateurs as well as professionals.

Finding a proper stacking option

Anavar is a popular oral steroid for stacking purpose as it not only enhances the anabolic properties of the intake compounds but also minimizes any osteogenic or androgenic effects. Being a mild component the risk of stacking the Var with other components is relatively low and poses no significant threat upon deviation from the recommended intake. The safest and the most effective option while using Anavar to build muscles is to stack this component with the testosterone as it ensures the best possible results in terms of muscle enhancement and avoidance of potentially adverse effects.

Not only this, using such stacking option provide a number of ways to titrate the dosage intake according to the suitability of the user. Other popular choices include the Winstrol, Primobolan or Trenbolone. For those opting for the Winstrol as a potential stacking option with Oxandrolone should also include an aromatase inhibitor like Letrozole or Arimidex. This makes it necessary to research well and take the help of a professional medical practitioner to ensure that the right selection is made. Popular sources of research include the World Wide Web, steroid forums and supplement magazines.

Following proper cycle guidelines

Anavar being an oral steroid is available in different doses in different pharmacies. Therefore, the choice of the lab determines whether the tablet is of 10mg or 50mg concentration. This steroid commonly being used for promoting performance enhancement and preventing muscle wasting should have clearly defined cycle guidelines to ensure the best possible impacts upon use. The short half-life of Oxandrolone of about 12 hours makes it necessary to dose the component twice or thrice throughout the day to ensure stable concentration in the system. The most commonly recommended Anavar cycle ranges from 50mg to 80mg per day for a time period of 6weeks to 8weeks.

For those new to such substance should start off with the basic dosage level of 50mg per day and gradually increase the intake depending upon the effects of the substance on the system and the cycle period. This not only generates a steady impact on the body but also mitigates the risk of any major negative impacts which might occur from improper consumption. Professional athletes and bodybuilders using Anavar to build muscles should undertake dosage levels and cycle periods only under proper medical attention and immediately consult a physician in case of any undesirable impacts on the body.