Here’s Why Your Neighbors Might Have Bags Full Of Water Outside


It seems like it’s getting tougher and tougher for people in hurricane-prone areas to weather those storms. When storms like Harvey and Irma hit the south in 2017, people in the path of the deadly storms found themselves scrambling for supplies. They busied themselves with boarding up windows and stocking up water.

One annoying chore when a storm is coming is getting out to get sandbags. It’s illegal to try and take sand from beaches, parks or other public properties, so homeowners need to find bags and get in line to fill up their sandbags at designated locations. But with thousands of people racing for bags at once, some can’t afford to wait that long.

There’s actually a great solution if you were not able to get sandbags for a coming storm. Facebook user Edward Obediah Sweat posted the idea and it’s now going viral.

“To my Florida friends and family… Some things I learned about hurricane damage management…. Plastic bags 1/3 filled with water make good substitutes for sandbags at doorways.”

The water bags need to be tied well, but they actually work well in conforming to each other across the threshold to stop any floodwaters from getting in.

Sweat offered a few more brilliant tips. He tells you that duct tape is a great way to seal the garage door to the floor of the garage to prevent leakage. If you have any old paint cans in the garage, bring them in and use them to prop up the furniture. That way, if flood waters do get in, your furniture could be spared. Keep a whistle with your flashlights so you can use it to call for help in case of emergency.

Another great idea he offers is to wear your clothes to bed. That way if you are forced to jump up and evacuate in the middle of the night, you won’t have to do it in your pajamas. Now that is good thinking!

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