The Defender Is a Pepper Spray Can That Can Send a Photo of Your Attacker to the Police-Save Yourself

Survival is the basic instinct of mankind and yes we humans strive for our survival. Thus security holds greater significance in daily life because if you are safe and secure, you can enjoy your life in leisure, otherwise, everything gets insanely confused. In modern times, you may not take much care of your security and protect yourself. It is always good to hope nothing unusual would happen to you but if fears dominate, make sure your protection prior to all.

There is a magical device to protect you round the clock, interestingly not a gun. The Defender!

It is personal safety system with a mobile app that can accompany you 24/7 for your protection. This is a defender.

The secret lies with this handheld device, containing highly concentrated pepper spray usually available to law enforcement.

It can take pictures of the attacker in a single push of a button and send to law enforcement institution through mobile app connection and can eventually help you defend yourself.

It would not only pass the picture to authorities but also alert them about your perceived threat immediately.

The potentially strong but small siren will alarm police while the app will pass your location to police via GPS to know them where exactly you are in trouble.

You can use it no matter where you are. Keep the device in the pocket or wherever its handy. When you feel a little uncomfortable with someone or you’re attacked, keep yourself sane for a while, try to defend, grab the device, press the button and spray it over. The camera will capture the picture of the attacker that will be automatically transferred to police.

Just keep your phone connected to the internet.

See demo.

Available here.