Man Wouldn’t Let Female Soldier Get To Her Seat On Plane, For Amazing Reason

A woman riding in coach noticed a member of the United States Armed Forces board the plane. The woman was wearing an Army uniform, and when she began to make her way down the aisle toward her seat in coach, a man in first class stopped her. The witness was so stunned by what happened she posted about it online, and it’s gone viral.

Jessica Titus was on a flight and was waiting in the boarding area with everyone else. There was an Army woman waiting with everyone, she noticed. First class passengers had just been seated, the coach passengers lined up and the Army woman was a little ahead of her.

As they boarded the plane, a man in first class saw the Army woman and stood up. He blocked the soldier’s way and wouldn’t let her go any further. At first, Titus wasn’t sure what was going on. She thought maybe they were old friends or relatives running into each other, or that perhaps this was an abusive boyfriend about to cause a scene. But it didn’t turn out to be any of that—it was just a chance encounter between two strangers.

“Sorry ma’am, I’m in your seat,” the man said to the Army woman.

The soldier looked confused and told him that she didn’t think so. The man then asked her what the seat on her ticket said.

“I’m 31 B,” the woman explained, thinking the many was mixed up. But the man just took the coach ticket and left the Army woman to take his first-class seat.

Titus was so touched by the man’s kind gesture. She agrees that veterans deserve special respect for the sacrifice that they make for our country. Not only do they risk their lives to protect us, but they often sacrifice long periods of time away from their spouses, kids and other loved ones. Sometimes they can be deployed for years without seeing their family. That is a huge price to pay for our freedom, so Titus was thrilled that the Army woman was going to fly home in a first-class seat.

The man, without complaint, took the cramped seat in coach. When Titus took her own seat in coach, she saw the man a few rows ahead of her. She wished that she could help pay the man back somehow for his kindness. She didn’t have enough money to contribute toward the expensive first-class ticket he gave up, but she thought she wanted to do something.

That’s when Titus wrote a little note that read, “Seat 31-B. Please accept a drink or snack on me. If everyone treated people the way you treated the service woman, the world would be a better place.”

Titus neatly folded up a $20 bill with the note and asked the flight attendant to bring it to the man. The flight attendant soon returned with the $20, saying the man appreciated the note but he wouldn’t take the money. He was happy to do what he did for the soldier.