HEALTH Putting Cabbage Leaves On Your Breasts Can Improve Your Health

What do you know about cabbage? Everyone knows that cabbage is a super healthy vegetable. We often use this veggie for cooking dishes and healthy salads. Do you know that cabbage can also improve health? Cabbage leaves can improve and eliminate diseases, pains and improve digestion and breastfeeding.

This veggie has numerous health benefits such as ameliorates diabetes, heart diseases, improves digestion, treats wounds and relieves infections, eliminates pain and cures arthritis. You can cook cabbage and earn these benefits so easily with frequent intake of it. Also you can apply the cabbage leaves on the swollen areas to get rid of the pain. Today we want to discuss the topic of using cabbage leaves for your breasts. Moreover, how this veggie can improve your health. Let’s start by considering the facts!

Some women use cabbage leaves during breastfeeding because they experience terrible and strong pain. Cabbage leaves help to reduce swelling and alleviate pain and discomfort.

By the way, the cabbage leaves have the same properties as magnets they pull out all the diseases and ailments from our bodies. You should remember that you have to use only cold leaves because they acting as a cold compress.

Here is the way how to use cabbage leaves for painless breasts:

#1. Place cabbage in the refrigerator to chill (about 30 minutes).

#2. Then pull off 2 large inner leaves and wash them with cold water.

#3. Cut out the stem from the center of each leaf.

#4. Place the cabbage leaves on your breasts without covering your nipples.

#5. You can wear a bra or leave them on your breasts for 20 minutes until your breast swelling disappears.

You should also do this treatment during the day or apply the cabbage leaves before you go to sleep and remove them in the morning. You will be amazed with the result because your pain and swelling will be gone.

Also, do not forget to use cabbage leaves if you have swelling caused by traumas or other health problems. Now you definitely need to include cabbage leaves in your daily routine.

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