NASA Wants To Send Big Shaq To The Sun To See If “Mans Can Never Be Hot”


United States.— After the big hit “Man’s not hot” by the English rapper Big Shaq, NASA was wondering if it’s true that “Man’s not hot, never hot” as the rapper states in the song.

Yes, NASA has a special mission the check the credibility of this claim, because “science is all about the evidence” and this question is intriguing NASA employees and the people at the government of the United States. Can mans never be hot? It’s the question of the century, and NASA wants to answer it.

“We already send a request to the White House for the funding. We’ll be hoping they can collaborate with us, because we want to answer this question as soon as possible” said Bolden, the NASA’s director.

“If they don’t approve our request, we’ll start a GoFundMe campaign instead”, he said, “because we desperately need to know”.

NASA also said that, in order to make this an even more incredible experience, they are going to send Big Shaq himself to the sun: “He’s gonna go right into the sun”.

The mission is scheduled to be launched in December of 2018. Once they get the funding for the mission (hopefully before February), they’re gonna train Big Shaq to be an astronaut and then prepare the space (or sun) suit, so he can go right into the sun by December.

“If all of this comes out as planned, this will be the biggest step for mankind and we will win Russia once again”, affirmed Bolden.

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