Build Your Own Skating Rink within an Hour: EZ Ice


Winter is coming!

Well, winter is already here. There are people who like spending their winter vacation behind the windows in comfy rooms with sizzling food and fine coffee. While there are some adventurous people who make the best out of winter, put their jackets on and confront the ice face to face. They stroll down the streets, Visit Mountains and skate!

Are you one of those who loves skating? There can be times when you can’t manage an out-of-station vacation with your friends and family. For that here is an amazing opportunity for you to satisfy your desire for skating just in your backyard.

How? Of course with Ez Ice.

Ez Ice is specifically designed to help you built your own ice skating rink just in one hour.

All you need is an empty backyard or another appropriate place. This 40’ by 20’ kit can be fixed at any surface no matter if its grass, frozen backyard, driveway or even a tennis court.

You don’t need any nails or technical stuff to fix it in your backyard. Everything comes with the kit that takes only an hour for fixation.

The EZ Ice kit has 24 lightweight boards completely suitable to withstand the other components and of course your skating!

The kit includes everything which is needed for assembling and installation of the rink. You won’t need any additional tool.

Not only this, you can install the rink all by yourself without any professional help.

It can be installed in all customized sizes according to the area available.

The strap system of Ez Ice diminishes all chances of danger or destruction that makes it effective and trustable.

After all the tooled work, your rink becomes ready to be filled with water right fewer than sixty minutes.

Now, fill the water in the self-standing and self-stabilizing rink. It will level it up and water will be frozen shortly that fixes the walls of the rink at the place and reduces the other risks of installation.

Is the winter over? Pack the kit up and store it in a compact area.

It saves your money and time and allows you to use the same kit for the next year as well.

Check the demo!

Available Here!

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