Three Gifts that Your Kids Might Love This Christmas


Christmas is coming and you must complete your homework for making your kids believe the existence of Santa Clause. Of course, you don’t want to ruin their excitement. But the key thing to take notice of here is that your kids must never get disappointed in their gift. So let’s plan something exciting together and bring the most fun out of this yearly event!

Here are three gifts that your kids (not all kids) might like.

The Cute Musical Instrument: Otamatone

If your kid has been taking the keen interest in music classes, Otamatone might prove one of the best gifts for him/her this year.

This adorable looking musical instrument is easy to learn because of its digital processing.

You can play a single note chord in three different phases such as low, medium and high.

It also offers dynamic sound because you can play all phases individually as well as together.

Press the tail, slide the tail or move the mouth of Otamatone, it all produces sound.

Otamatone provides you with full control over the sound with on/off button at the back.

If your kid knows to read practice sheet, otamatone is best for him to master his tones.

See how it works.

Available Here!

Let your Kids Work on Their Tractor with John Deere Kids Tractor Engine

If your kid is interested in automobiles or you see him growing into an engineer or technician, John Deere Kids Tractor Engine might be his thing.

Most of the time you don’t let your kids play or work with the engine because it always leads to some dangers. But with John Deere Tractor Engine for kids, you let your kids play without any threat or danger.

It exhibits front half of the tractor your kid can work on just like real life maintenance, repairing or activities like popping the hood.

It is a real-life model that can help your kid learn some hands-on skills at such young age. Or it might motivate him to take interest in a broader field of engineering for his career.

This tractor toy has 12 functions that your kid can perform. He can check the oil level, remove the motor, and repair the ignition and much more! It doesn’t let your kid gets bored of his home-based playing.

It is 27”tall and creates some sounds as well. Its lights work on batteries and have a toolkit that your kid can use for repairing (play repairing, of course)

Available Here!

Make your Kid’s Lego take Flight with Building Brick Drone Set

What kind of kid doesn’t love LEGO? It comes in the variety of shapes, styles, colors and helps your kid grow in motor and cognitive functioning. It offers you the opportunity to put your mental image into something tangible. I’m one of the great fans of LEGO because here, playing is growing.

But now the LEGO has come to another level because you can build-your-own drone set now. (Your kid is going to love it!)

Meet Flybrix!

It is a kit for building flying drones which is easy and simple to use. Each kit is comprised of different parts and tools that are joined together to build a flying drone.

Flybrix offers a smartphone app that controls the drone. You can also sync your drone with customized Flybrix 4 AA remote control. It works with battery and offers you a more manual and natural feel of the operation.

It’s simple to use for your kid. But if you want to go techy, you have the complete opportunity for it with Flybrix because it has a software which is open-source and can work through Flybrix Chrome Extension Configuration Software.

You also have the option of adding WiFi and GPS module to it.

Features: It has a custom PCB which exclusively include a magnetometer, ADC converters, SD card slot, Bluetooth, a barometer and several indicators LED. More of it runs on 96Mhz ARM® Cortex®-M4 processor which is Arduino compatible.

See how it can work!

Available here!

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