The Secret No Doctor Tells You: This Is How You Get Rid Of Lice Quick And Cheap!

When you see a child scratching their head, the primary issue that goes through your thoughts might be that they have got lice.

The revel in of having these little creatures creeping in your hair is pretty excruciating but it’s the elimination part which scares most of the people.

No toddler likes to be combed with a lice comb. Not handiest is it painful however it takes all the time to make certain every such a little guys are gone.

And if your toddler is antsy and stressed like my kid is, the technique may even feel near impossible.

Lice are in reality common among adults either however they’re spread more easily between kids considering the fact that youngsters spend extra time near each other at faculty and on playgrounds.

Having lice is not fatal or particularly dangerous but it’s nevertheless a rather unpleasant experience that can cause a lot of itching and discomfort. Another important reason to get rid of them is that they multiply extremely quickly.

There are beneficial shampoos particularly produced to get rid of lice but they’re not constantly powerful. Firstly, you need to spend hours casting off each egg. To treat and kill an entire own family of lice, you’ll want extra than simply one or two bottles, which could turn out to be being very expensive.

This is why I propose trying this method rather!

Not most effective is it cheap however it’s loose from any chemical substances and also you don’t must be troubled your children for hours doing it.

You need: • A lice comb

• Mouthwash

• White wine vinegar

• A plastic bag or shower cap

• Towel

What to do: 1. Wet your hair with the mouthwash, then cover your hair with a shower cap or a plastic bag. Let it sit for an hour. This might sound crazy but lice really dislike the strong smell of mouthwash.

2. Rinse your hair and then wet your hair again — this time with white wine vinegar. The vinegar helps get rid of the eggs. Allow the vinegar to sit for one hour by once again covering your hair.

3. Now wash your hair with a regular shampoo and comb it with a lice comb.

4. If there’s a case of lice going around at school, spray your child’s hair with a little mouthwash before they leave the house to keep the lice away. And hey — your kids will smell fresh all day!

This method is effective and you won’t expose yourself and your children to any strong chemicals while doing it, according to the Healthy Life Center.

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