Turn Your Boring Rigid PC Screen to Touch Screen with the AirBar


In this advanced era of 21st century, it is difficult to find someone who is not addicted to touch screens. Our conversations, our clocks, appointments, food orders and schedules everything has been trampled in single mobile phones. And when we’ve to switch to our laptops for some official work, we get disappointed with the rigid screen functioning only through boring buttons. But there are some brains who’ve found the solution to this problem as well. Meet AirBar.

This gadget is specifically designed to make your laptops or MacBook super equipped with additional touch screen feature.

You can set AirBar easily by just attaching it at the bottom of your screen with the provided magnet while plugging it into the USB port. You are done and ready for your hand game!

AirBar allows you great flexibility in touchscreen functions. You can swipe, zoom, rotate, tap and pinch. Everything is allowed when AirBar is activated.

This handsome device adds up quality and value to your previously boring devices and helps you welcome some excitement into your life.

The crazy feature of AirBar is that it allows touch with anything. Use gloves, brush, soft stick or styluses, everything works in this wonderland.

It doesn’t eat your battery and doesn’t require any program to install. All you need to do is to PLUG and TOUCH.

It casts an invisible light over your screen that helps you perform touch function on your laptop.

So grab your laptop in the kitchen, start baking and swipe to your favourite recipe even with your baking glove.

Are you in a fun mood? Grab anything that’s near you such as a pencil or paintbrush and use your ultra-equipped PC.


See how it works in the video.