Homeless Vet Gets Handsomely Rewarded For Good Deed – He Can’t Wait To Pay It Forward


Homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt had $20 to his name. He didn’t think twice about using it to help a woman that was in need. The gracious woman would respond by setting the wheels in motion to transform Bobbitt’s life. As ABC News shares, she started a GoFundMe account to raise money for the vet, and a staggering amount of money has been raised.


Kate McClure had broken down on the side of the road when her car ran out of gas. She was getting ready to walk to the closest gas station she could find, but she ran into Bobbitt first.

“I pulled over to the side of the road as far as I could and I was going to get out and walk to the nearest gas station because it was not that far away, and that’s when I met Johnny,” she explained. “He walked up and he said, ‘Get back in the car. Lock the doors. I’ll be back.’ I was just like, ‘OK.'”

Bobbitt would return and fill her car up for her. The gracious woman learned a little more about his story, and she promised him that she would be back to repay him.

“I just got her gas to help her get back on her way. I didn’t think anything about it. I wasn’t expecting anything in return,” Bobbitt said. “That’s how I got the money to start with — from other people. [I had to] return the favor. I can’t constantly take and not give back.”

The woman was so struck by Bobbitt’s kind act that she wanted to more than repay him. She decided to start a GoFundMe page to raise some money to help him get back on his feet, and it has raised a staggering $360,000.

“With the money, I would like to get him first and last month’s rent at an apartment, a reliable vehicle, and 4-6 months worth of expenses,” McClure noted. “He is very interested in finding a job, and I believe that with a place to be able to clean up every night and get a good night’s rest, his life can get back to being normal.”

The pair has gotten to know each other quite well, and they recently reunited for an interview on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America.’ Bobbitt is floored by his good fortune, and he has every intention to continue paying it forward – including donating some of the funds he’s received to charity.

“This money was given to help me. Why not help other people in similar situations or people that are actively helping other people in different situations?” Bobbitt added. “Everybody out there is facing some kind of struggle, so if I can touch their life, the way mine was touched, [it’d be] an amazing feeling. I want to feel the feeling on the opposite end.”

Those are some rather amazing sentiments from an incredibly kind-hearted man that was long overdue for a break. Thankfully, he finally got one after helping out a similarly amazing woman that deserves tremendous kudos for sticking to her word – and going above and beyond the call of duty to help out her new friend.