Man Goes to Take a Selfie- Ends up Dead


A Russian man has been killed shortly after he started sending pictures to his friends of himself clenching a grenade without a pin in his hand. The victim, Alexander ‘Sasha’ Chechik, died immediately when the grenade, which activates a delayed detonation timer if the pin is not replaced, exploded.

Alongside the images he sent to his friends, Mr. Chechik boasted that he was a daredevil with more courage than his companions. The last image he took was only sent in the final seconds of Mr. Chechik’s life. A graphic picture of the incident, showing the man’s deceased and mutilated body, has since gone viral on several controversial image-sharing boards.


After receiving the terrifying photos, many of Mr. Chechik’s friends ignored the man or encouraged him to take even riskier pictures. Fortunately, at least one person tried to stop Mr. Chechik from doing anything dangerous. Mere moments before he died, this friend messaged Mr. Chechik, writing: “Where are you? Are you OK?”

“Depends on what OK is in your understanding?” responded Mr. Chechik after he sent another picture of the grenade to his friend. Unimpressed by the image, the unnamed friend replied with the following warning: “Listen, don’t do stupid things. Where are you?”

However, by the time the message was sent, Mr. Chechik was already dead. According to police investigators, Mr. Chechik’s death was not caused by anyone else and does not appear to be a suicide. The general consensus amongst investigators is that Mr. Chechik was killed because he didn’t think the grenade would explode unless it was thrown.

Initial coronary results support this conclusion, leading investigators to categorize the incident as an accident rather than a suicide. The Russian Investigative Committee – concerned by Mr. Chechik’s access to a grenade – have launched a probe into the bizarre incident, with state official Natalia Smyatskaya warning other people of the dangers of unexploded ammunition and weapon caches.

Online commenters believe that Mr. Chechik could have got hold of the grenade through a street-level arms dealer, or found it in an unsecured Cold War-era weapons facility.

Some commenters tried to take a humorous position on the story, with one Daily Mail user sarcastically warning: “Remember kids: there is no ‘spoon’ on Warsaw Pact style grenades, pulling the pin is the first and final step to initiating the fuze…”

This comment was made in reply to another commenter who didn’t realize that Russian grenades didn’t include a ‘spoon’, a double activation mechanism that means pulling the pin out won’t initiate the fuse.

Other commenters acknowledged his loss, but found it difficult to feel sorry for Mr. Chechik’s stupidity. “Hard to feel sorry for him…it’s the same as putting a loaded gun against your temple purely for entertainment. You are playing with fire,” wrote ‘thewartornhippy’ on the Daily Mail.

However, at least one user, such as ‘Honest Truth’, took the time to pray for the Russian man and his family, writing: “Surely no one knows how the end will come – the unexpected and unusual ways to die – when we are most confident we are in control, that we know what we are doing: when I ask God to protect me from the unknown dangers that lurk in the dark, I also pray for protection from myself: we are our own worst enemy. RIP Alexander ‘Sasha’ Chechik.”

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