Another Anti-Vaccine Holistic Doctor Found Dead


A prominent holistic doctor, who was famous for his outspoken views on Big Pharma and vaccines, has been found dead in Florida.Dr. James Winer of the Winer Wellness Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was found unconscious on his hotel room floor while on vacation.After his body was discovered, he was rushed to a hospital where he later died when he was taken off life-support.

When his body was discovered, he had no possessions with him other than the clothes he was wearing and was taken to hospital as a “John Doe” due to lack of ID.Medical staff said they had no way of contacting a next-of-kin without being able to identify him so decided to “pull the plug” and end his life-support, at which point he was pronounced dead.Dr. Winer was one of the world’s most renowned alternative healers and he devoted his life to raising awareness to the corruption of large pharmaceutical companies and the dangers of mandatory vaccinations.

The Winer Wellness Center made an announcement of his passing on their official Facebook page saying: “To all our friends, patients and customers we are sad to announce the passing of Dr. James Winer from life into eternity.”He was a friend and mentor to many of us. To his patients he was more than a doctor as he deeply cared for the well being of others.”His mission was to get everyone on the road to good health. “He truly was an international icon in the Alternative Health field and will be sorely missed.

“Winer Wellness Center Clinic and Store will continue to remain open.”If you have appointments with the other Practioners please come in at your appointed time.”We would ask that you please do not call our office for information. Updates will be posted on this page.

“Unlike many regular medical professionals, Dr. Winer worked hard to expose the dangers of the drugs being peddled by Big Pharma.According to one of his patients, Scott S., he wanted to educate people on how the pharmaceutical industry worked,

saying:  “He told me the medical industry is driven by money”Another one of his patients, Herman A., says he echoes Dr. Winer’s philosophies on the drug industry, saying: “The fact that Winer is NOT a conventional medical doctor is a GOOD thing.”Conventional medicine is just drugs and surgery as a solution for every illness and is basically a fraud.”Friends of the much-loved doctor have since spoken out about his death and the suspicious circumstances that have shrouded his passing.