5 Make-Up Looks To Try This Christmas

Excited bells start ringing in my head whenever I hear someone saying CHRISTMAS. It feels like my blood gets excited and all the hormones welcome the party season by making me imagine crazy stuff. Those shiny dresses, fine makeup, appetizing food, and a pile of gift I dream of the whole year and late night parties bundled with eccentric giggles and devoted laughter! WOAAH!

Well, let me get myself together!

Here I’m going to share some fanatical make-up ideas ranging from being glittery queen to a sober princess that you can try this Christmas. Ready?

Glitter Glitter Everywhere

Make-up is a huge part of your personal presentation and on Christmas night, you should never be losing the game. If we talk about some glittery touch on your face, that never goes old. Doll up with eye-lid-full-of-glitter, put your winged black eyeliner and kill those who look with your dope look. If you’re not as shiny as a full glittery eyelid, don’t forget to use glittery eye-liner over your smooth black liner to have some subtle pop. You can try this glitter eyeliner.

Go Natural

If you’re planning to go natural this Christmas, what can be better than expressing your true-self in your true colours? But don’t forget to do some rosy pink or nude magic to your lips and some little tight-lining to your eyes to add some charm. Coral blushers can augment your healthy glow. Take my tip and try thin brown eyeliner and apply the fine coat of mascara to comb your eyelashes. Tadaa!! You’re ready to go!

Go Bold with Lips


Let’s switch our focus! If you like going usual and easy with the eyes, I’ll recommend you go bold with your lips. Crimson red can seal the deal of perfection this Christmas. And don’t forget to tone down the make-up at other parts of your face to avoid looking overwhelming. (You can try this one)

Beat the Rainbow

Do you want to catch all the attention without asking for it in the party? Get yourself ready with a blaring colourful look. Use bright colours for eyes and lips, add up some glitter, shimmer it gallantly and rock your daring fun look at Christmas 2017. Party all night!

P.S. Urban Decay Heavy Metals Eyeshadow Palette is perfectly fit for your rainbow look. Check it out here!

Smoke It Away

Do you know people who are greatest lovers of black colour and blue-eyed kitties? Get your inspiration from then! Add some smoky look to your presentation. For the natural look, couple the smoky eye with brown eye-shadow (Lancome might have best of it for you at the affordable price with good quality) and keep your lips nude for the event. Better if you wear some dark color to rock the look! It never goes old.

These are the five options you can surely try. But the question is which one is your preference? What’re you going to try?

Don’t shy away from sharing your personal creative ideas about makeup if you have any.