This Cute Old Couple Is Celebrating Its 85th Wedding Anniversary

Being in a relationship for so long is not a real thing. But being in a successful and happy relationship for a lifetime is one thing that not everyone can do. No doubt, its God’s blessing to be in a lovely relation without any serious issues. But somehow, we also responsible to make our relationship grow in a healthy manner. There are several things that can make your relationship strong and long. Your love, your understanding and your sacrifice which is the main thing, these all things combined is a cheat sheet to remain happy in a blissful relation.

We’ve encountered an adorable event of an old couple, who are celebrating their 85th marriage anniversary. Yes, you heard it quite right. After many years, they’re still in love with each other and enjoying the celebrations of their long-lasting love. God bless you oldies, you’re an inspiration to young couples. Let’s go through their life, and know the secrets of long and happy marriage.

Just look at the adorable still of the longest couple. Their smile is exhibiting tons of happiness. it’s hard for anyone to believe that a couple can be that much happy after so many years of living together. I guess, they both promised to each other the eternity of love and happiness. They’ve given the secret themselves. Want to know the secret?

The couple, John and Ann, revealed that the key to their relationship is Understanding and devotion, I guess devotion can make a big difference, if you’re devoted to each other, nothing can harm you and your life.