A Nurse Noticed Something Weird In A Boy, Ended Up Saving Him!

When you go out to work in your routine, you never know what’s coming up to you. Maybe you have to save someone from a great mishap or maybe you’re responsible to put someone in jeopardy at the first place. This is all about mother nature, if nature wants you to perform something it will make the situations according to its need. And this time nature assigned the task of saving someone’s life to a regular school nurse. This nurse noticed something odd in a young boy and then saved his life from upcoming danger. Who knew that this nurse will save the day for some random guy who doesn’t even know her?

Isaiah Griffin, a 13-year-old boy was feeling upset and went to the school nurse, Carrie Stephenson, she on looking at the boy’s face realized that he’s in serious trouble and I’m only who has to save him from God knows what.