This Mom Is Living In A Tiny Room With Her Four Children!

A single mom has been compelled to live in a little room with her babies triplets in bushel on the floor since she guarantees there are no committee council homes.

Toni Bell says she has no alternative, however, to impart a bed to her five-year-old little girl in the confined extra room at her mum’s home. The 24-year-old is presently on the waiting list rundown for a council house yet until the point that she gets one, Toni’s triplets sleep on the floor.

She says she battles to leave the third-floor two-room level in light of her devastating bone condition Lri-Weill dyschondrosteosis, which has abandoned her with abbreviated leg bones, agony and wrist development.

Toni, from Edinburgh, said: “I feel sick about the whole situation. There’s is no room and it’s not the environment you want to be