You Can Confirm Your Pregnancy Before Missing Periods.(Symptoms)

Becoming a mother is most beautiful thing ever happened to a girl. No, I’ve never been a mother but once on asking my sister, she said: “I can describe these feelings in any sort of word”. I mean, how beautiful this thing must be that you can express your happiness in any word or phrase.

Pregnancy is a factor which brings both partners to each other. Maybe a child can put a stop to unnecessary quarrels in parents. So, being a mother is a blessing in all manners. But, with great blessing come great responsibility. A mother has to fight lots of pains, mood swings and cravings.

Some women are excited enough that they cannot wait any longer to be sure if she’s pregnant or not, right? But what if we’ve got a solution to this very problem of yours? We’re here with some important key factors which can confirm your state of pregnancy even before missing periods.

Expanded Belly:

If you’re experiencing a noticeable increment in your belly. That’s a good news for you, girl. Yes, the bloated belly is the first indication of pregnancy. What to do in this state? Time to go on a healthy food ride. Eat healthily, and stay in a healthy environment.

You’ll feel like peeing, every other hour:

This is because your blood is now providing strength to not only you but also a child within you. This makes your kidney work more than regular. But it’s ok, peeing more is good for health, and you’ve to remain healthy for you and your child.

Pain! Pain! Pain!

Sorry ladies, you’re not gonna like this one. You’ve to face a lot of pains for several days. Why does this happen? This is because of the process of attachment of egg with the uterus.


If you’re feeling constant headache, this is one of the early signs of pregnancy. This is because of low blood pressure of your body. But low BP is normal in these days, you don’t have to worry that much. Stay relaxed, and get ready for the amazing blessing.

When you feel constipation:

Some women feel constipation in early stages of pregnancy, but that’s not the rule, some women remain free from constipation. Somehow, this is the early symptom of pregnancy.

Breathing problem:

If you’re having little breaths or you feel uncomfortable while breathing, this is the indication of pregnancy. This is because your body requires more oxygen to give a healthy breathing to your child.

Late night cravings:

You’ll feel cravings for sour things. This craving will gradually increase with days and you’ll feel a great need of eating lots of things. Don’t forget you’ve to eat healthily.

Mood Swings:

Be careful, your mood swings switch is on. You’ll be happy at a time and then angry at the next moment. But that’s not your problem. Best of luck to all husbands out there.

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