What Kind Of A Person You Are? Your Toes Size Will Decide This!

Our physical appearance can give a clear view of what’s happening inside. Not only your appearance but your way of talking, walking and smiling can determine a lot of things about you. The Design symmetry of our body is a key to understand our mental conditions as well as our personality traits.

Talking of physical symmetry, our feets can tell a lot of secrets about our hidden personality. If your first toe is larger than another one, you’re having a specific trait in your personality. Feets can judge if a person is fun loving or a peaceful person. There a lot of things, we’re about to discuss regarding our feets and toes.

Let’s just have a look at some of the weird facts:

If your First Toe is longer than All:

If your first toe is longer than all of other fingers, you’re creative, clear and have a straight approach to solve any matter in your surroundings. But, if your toe is smaller than you’ve got the ability to tackle things in a smart way. You’re more of the smart worker rather than a hardworking guy.

If your Second toe is longer then others: 

If your second toe is longer than all other fingers, you have the ability to rule. These kinds of people tend to lead the team and have qualities to manage things like a boss. On the contrary, people with smaller second toe love peace and harmony.

Third Toe:

If your third toe is longer than other fingers, you’ve got the ability to work to achieve success with full energy and zeal. These people focused more on their goal rather than their social life.

Fourth Toe: 

People with their long fourth toe are more of family guys. Yes, the family is the number one on their list of people. And why not? Family above all, always and forever.

Pinky finger: 

These people are my favourite one. They are always open to new adventures, they are often careless and fun loving. Responsibilities? Big no from their side.

If your toes are in increasing order:

This classification of people mostly loves to remain in order and love to organize their things in a proper manner.

What if your feet is Wide or Narrow?

People with wide feet love to remain busy with something. They can easily work for many hours and can manage some spare time for refreshment. They’re happy only when they’re engaged in some activity.

Narrow feet.

People with narrow feet love to wake up and do nothing. They’re happy only when they’re on the bed doing nothing but smile.

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