Accused of being dead

  1. A person whom I was knowing for not jus more than a month or two is now being accused about his death even after he being dead. “Death” a harsh word to be heard more than that strong willpower needed to do so. Dieing is not an easy task to overcome with all your problems. But this death was something very much paranormal as well as related to a big burden of loneliness and bullying that took away a person’s life which was forcefully lead to SUICIDE. Saddening to hear so or to take such a big step in life also hard to digest that u lost that person forever. Bit had to adjust with the same and as it is said whatever happens, “TIME AND TIDE WAITS FOR NONE” same with whatever happens life don’t stop ” LIFE GOES ON”

So it began like,

Who must have thought that a person is gonna give up on his life forever and ever. There was a boy suffering from mental illness and undergoing a treatment due to whi h his fellow mates including outside freinds used to tease him and bully him alot by saying that “U R MAD” which is very much disrespecting a person’s well-being which will make a person’s confidence more down due to which he can dear or lack many things I life forever that he did by giving up his life. He was founded dead on a beach by giving up on his life by jumping from the rock of the beach without reading about his life without thinking of his parents even ones or the loved being even ones which needs a hell lot of courage to do so and to take such a big step to finish his life forever. Our friends group who was very much close to him was searching for him whole night as he was vanished from