Some Funny Things About Women That Will Crack You Up So Good!

We’ve been finding some serious solution manual to understand women to help our boys out there. You won’t be surprised that like others we also failed to find something that could understand a woman. Doing this research thing, we’ve found some amazing and funny things about women that you must know. Can’t wait for this? Ok, brace yourselves.

Note: This is all just for fun, don’t take it to heart. We love women too.

“Live-in relationship”, they said, “it’ll be fun”, they said.

If you’re thinking about living together. Boy, you should think again and again and then again.

They are far beyond you in drama:

No one in the whole universe can beat the drama of a woman. Can you? No, you cant.


The representation of their dressing according to their status.

Women can’t resist talking:

Have you ever seen a woman silent? I’ve never seen a single woman sitting silently, plus sometimes they don’t want you to stay silent either.

Communication Skills:

Ok, making up something is good for better communication. But, it doesn’t mean you’re allowed to write your own story.

Nice Advice:

Don’t ever go for the thing “Understanding Women”, you will fail miserably. So if you want to stay with a woman on a long-term, stop understanding her.

The Happy woman is a myth:

Yes, take your torch with you and start finding a happy woman, If you know what I mean. They have developed a different sense of getting irritated at different events.

Oh, you poor lad.

Don’t ever ignore a woman who is ignoring you, she’ll use that tool for upcoming battles. And, when it comes to battle, stay away from women. If you think I’m wrong go watch Game Of Thrones.

Difficult research plan:

I told them to abort the mission, but they didn’t listen. I’ve been through it, and still can’t get over the demise I faced.

They don’t know what do they want:

And if at some point out of the universe they realize their needs, they will change their love for their needs at the next moment.

And this is a cropped image:

Do you guys seriously think this man has completed this solution? No, my friend, the blackboard was not enough. This is an ongoing process until the end.

Mighty Book:

And you know what is written at the end of the book? “To Be Continued”.

Hey guys, this was all just to make you people smile, so keep smiling and be happy. And ladies, you’re all the prettiest creatures on the earth. No doubt, without you, men are nothing. And yes for these fun facts thing, we’re not done yet, “To be continued”.

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