Scientists Found The Most Beautiful Woman On The Earth So Far!

How do you declare someone beautiful? There must be some parameters, right? If she’s beautiful then her eyes must be pretty, or maybe her beautiful lips make you think that she’s pretty. Some may notice beauty through cheekbones while others notice through the forehead. So, there are lots of things to notice in a woman to declare her beautiful or pretty.

What if there are some specific parameters to judge the beauty of someone? Yes, you heard it. There are some face symmetry criterions to check if she’s applicable to be called a beautiful woman or not. It was Leonardo DaVinci, who with his ability to judge a real beauty and mathematical analysis, described the beautiful face.

According to Leo, the face is perfect when the distance between the pupils is under half the distance between two ears. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Scientist presumed that they’ve done finding a girl who is actually a beautiful woman among all of the girls out there. According to them, her face fulfills every symmetrical ciriteria. Don’t you believe us? I couldn’t believe that too. But, that’s true. And the name of this prettiest woman is “Florence Colgate”.

Florence is 18 years old and works in a fish bar, she was confident enough to send her photo for the “Britain