These Photos Of Dwarf Model Are Breaking The Internet!

Fashion and showbiz industry has been playing a trending role form the beginning. Yes, it is evolving day by day with unusual changes. A lifetime ago, if you want to enter in a fashion life as a model, the requirements were different, but now the game has changed a lot. Perhaps, a little evolution is good, and everyone can adapt the change quickly, but guys this new thing is entirely different. Yes, we’re presenting you a 3ft 4in Model, you heard it.

This dwarf model, Dru Presta, is only 21 years old with just one goal, with only one purpose to change the face of fashion to next level. (No doubt, she’s doing it like a bad-ass)

She’s 3 feet and 4 inches tall with a motivated ambition of becoming a fashion diva in this modern world of style. She’s the only one in the family who’s suffering from this dwarfism. So, it must be a tough to live in a situation where you’re alone even if you’re crowded with so many people. Right?

She is pretty, Is she?