Yoga Is The New Trend

Yoga is not about asana and stretching but it helps us to connect our body and mind to our soul. Yoga is being practiced for more than 500 years but many of us know very little about it until the outbreak of yoga in recent years.

Yoga has proven to be our health’s best friend since ages.

It has been said that if you practice yoga for 20-30 minutes daily then you will remain healthy, rest of your life. Although anyone can practice yoga nowadays but practicing it the correct way is all that matters and not everyone can teach you yoga. Yoga burn for women is a follow-up program created by Zoe Bray-cotton.

She is a certified yoga trainer and teaches yoga in many reputed gyms in North America and also has been to yoga studios.

The program focuses on dynamic sequencing where you will be taught to perform each exercise in the correct way and slowly increase the challenge at an accurate movement of your body.

When you do this your body adapts and changes to a more perfectly shaped feminine body which not only looks better but on the inside, you will feel good about it too.


How to choose a yoga program?

Yoga teaches us to be as comfortable as possible, so while choosing a yoga program you should look for the comfort in the program.

For example, if you feel uncomfortable in doing yoga in front of other mates then you can choose a program like yoga burn for women. This program is for those who want to stay healthy and by healthy I mean, to stay in shape.

This program will let you stay in your desired shape not too bulky or not too skinny. If you want a ripped out body and six-pack abs then yoga is not for you.


Features of Yoga burn for woman

  • It is a 12-week yoga program created by Joey bray cotton.
  • The program focuses on a yoga technique called dynamic balancing where you will be taught yoga accurately and as time progresses you will adapt to challenging parts of the yoga, which will result in a perfectly shaped and feminine body.
  • There are 3 phases and 3 workouts in each of the phases. So you will be getting 9 videos along with other additional clips.
  • Each phase should last 4 weeks.


Benefits of yoga burn for women

  • Yoga burn helps to reduce significant amount of body weight
  • Yoga burn for women will not work for everyone in the class. It will only work for those who do not care about achieving individual target and goals as these classes are not tailored to individual goals. So if you want to lose weight it will help you definitely but it will never help you to achieve a goal like 13 pounds in a week or so
  • This program helps to lower stress levels
  • Unlike other yoga programs, it helps to achieve lower stress levels, produce relaxations and increases the levels of cortisol in your body.
  • This will help you to stay active
  • Being a woman the hardest part of daily life is to stay active. While you progress through the program you will feel automatically that you are on the active side.


The pricing of yoga burn for women starts at $37 which does not include posting and handling. Furthermore, if you pay $57 then you will get 2 complete physical collections of the yoga program along with the instant download.

This program helped me to achieve great results. I have lost around 10 pounds in the 3rd week of the program. The [program is a bit slow but it is surely an effective yoga program. Furthermore, it helps you stay active in your busy schedules too.  Furthermore its very cost effective too.