Former NFL Player Arrested after he Slit Wife’s Throat

A former Dallas Cowboys player has been charged with murder after he allegedly slashed his wife’s throat while she tried to fight him off.

Anthony McClanahan, 46, was charged with first-degree murder after allegedly killing his wife, 28-year-old Keri “KC” McClanahan, in their condo in Park City, Utah.

An unidentified person called 911 after seeing Anthony crawling through the hallways of his condominium building on his stomach, screaming for help, according to People magazine.

A nearby police officer arrived on the scene shortly after and found Anthony crawling on the ground outside of the building, with no shoes or socks.

Police said Anthony then began convulsing on the ground as they tried to approach him.

The former NFL linebacker then told officers that two or three men had assaulted him, his wife and “his baby,” but would not tell officers where his wife was.

Soon after, police found Keri inside the condo, “unresponsive and covered in blood.”

Responding officers said they noticed superficial wounds to Anthony’s face, neck, wrists, arms and torso, while Keri had cuts on the front, back, and sides of her neck, as well as defensive wounds and carpet burns.

Police said Anthony used a small knife that Keri wore in a paracord bracelet to slit her throat while she struggled, according to Hollywood Life.

Police found no signs that an intruder had entered the condo, or that there was a baby or child present.

Anthony is currently being held in the Salt Lake County Jail without bail.

Hollywood Life reported that Anthony was previously charged for kidnapping his son from a previous partner on Oct. 3.

Anthony began his football career at Washington State University, according to the Daily Mail. In 1993, he was signed on to the Dallas Cowboys but was dropped from the team before the 1994 season began.

Anthony then went on to play with Canadian Football League team the Calgary Stampeders. He has since referred to himself as a “sports performance consultant.”

Keri’s sister, Heather Gauf, described her sister as “an amazing mother and such a beautiful humanitarian” who was “instantly loved” by people she met.

Gauf said that following the alleged kidnapping of his son, Anthony had blamed his behavior on injuries he got from playing football.

Anthony may have been referring to CTE, a degenerative brain disorder that was blamed for the violent impulses of former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez, who killed himself in April while serving time in prison for murder.