Mom Sometimes Uses A Baby Sling For Her Infant, One Day Feels Intense Burning On Her Chest

Baby slings are an absolute must for busy moms who need both hands free. Many moms have folded laundry, escorted rambunctious toddlers on walks and even gone shopping with their wee ones nestled safely in the sling.

Some slings also are exceptionally helpful when wanting to discretely nurse a baby or simply keep a little one close to momma’s beating heart. They can be found listed on many baby shower registries and are a staple for today’s mom.

Molly Landis, a mom from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, loves her baby sling and regularly uses it. That was, until she faced a near-tragedy because of that very sling.

Molly’s sweet baby was just four weeks old and she was comfortably cozy in a baby sling. Molly