3 Foot Symptoms That Could Signal A Bigger Health Problem


In the tough daily routine, we cannot pay attention to every limb of our body. Along with every vital body organ, footholds great significance. A part of the body that moves us around the world freely and allows us to explore. The foot has some serious chores to do with our health and if not taken care of in a good manner, cause serious problems.

If you find a moment to examine your toe and heel, you may notice some signs you might have ignored, any kind of signs. Similarly, when you put off socks in evening after returning from your job, you may feel easy but there are certain major things that can cause issues. And that’s what I’m going to talk about today.

Melissa Lockwood, a certified podiatrist, suggests when you feel anything out of routine, better you visit your doctor for consultation.

Numb Toes

Lockwood, a medical practitioner, says if you ever find loss feelings in toes or they turn into extremely white, it may indicate the issue with circulation in the vascular system. He says on the basis of his studies that many female patients may have Reynaud’s syndrome. It is a disease causes certain parts of the body to get cold or numb when an encounter with less temperature.

Lockwood recommends not to be worried much about toe numbness and just take precautionary measures to get them treated.

Tingling Feet

The tingling of feet may indicate diabetes increasing levels in the body. Podiatrists, sometimes, can be the first to help in such cases to diagnose diabetes. Patients just complain they are finding numbness or getting tingling, they normally do not know these are the causes of peripheral neuropathy. In the United States, neuropathy is the leading cause of diabetes. And if you see similar symptoms, you are supposed to visit your doctor immediately.

Brittle, breakable toenails

Toenails are also important and cannot be ignored while discussing the health conditions of feet. Lockwood, a medical practitioner, says some reports suggest podiatrists can detect if the patient ever has taken poison in the past and indicates the deficiency of certain vitamins by changing colour and nature of the toenails. Can you believe it?

According to other reports, if the patient is anaemic, he would have brittle or breakable nails. The physical state of toenails indicates multiple things as some of them are mentioned above such as deficiency of vitamins, symptoms of anaemic etc. when you feel any apparent discomfort with your feet, must take immediate preventive measures and do visit your doctor or podiatrists. He would either treat you or refer to any other respective doctor as per the nature of injury or symptom.

Feet are as important as your face, hands or any other part of the body. There are people who judge you by the look of your feet and how much your feet are taken care of. So, clean feet not only add value to your social personality but also keep you away from multiple diseases. Therefore, don’t miss to examine your feet before sleeping!

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