You Need To Know About Deep Vein Thrombosis Before You Take Your Next Flight

Taking a flight and going away for no matter what purpose always seems exciting but do you wonder about your body when you keep it in the same posture for so long? Your back, your butt, and your legs spend hours during long flights in the same position that can prone them to severe turmoil.

Staying still for a longer time period during your flights potentially increases the chances of you growing deep vein thrombosis, chronic blood clots in veins. The severity of deep vein thrombosis varies from situation to situation and they can be life-threatening. Therefore, it’s important for you to know about deep vein thrombosis (DVT) before you book your next flight that might take hours.

DVT is more expected to develop in the veins in legs and you might experience swelling in the leg, specifically in the calf muscles. The clot initially develops minutely but gradually grows and affects the surrounding tissues that can lead to fatal consequences. One such situation can be when this clot breaks off in the vein in the leg, enters the bloodstream and travels towers the lungs and other organs. If it precisely travels to the lungs, it can inhibit blood and oxygen supply to the rest of the body causing pulmonary embolism through blocking the veins. Therefore, as you see the symptoms, you must consult with the doctor right away.

The Good Point

Deep vein thrombosis is scary without a shred of the doubt but the good point is that it’s curable and treatable if it’s grasped on time. The moment you experience swelling or pain in your leg, go to the emergency room or consult to the nearest physician and get yourself examined. For minor symptoms, doctors usually suggest medicines called blood thinners that inhibit the further growth of the clot and secure you against developing other clots. If symptoms become extremely severe, doctors will suggest medicines called clod blusters that will break the clot up and will prevent it from blocking the blood and oxygen flow.

Things you need to do to Avoid DVT

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Instead of running after doctors as short notice, it’s always better to avoid developing this clot. You obviously can’t miss the chance of traveling due to the fear of developing DVT, but you can take precautionary measures.

Just make it sure you eat healthily, do regular exercise and don’t sit at the same place for a long time period to avoid the risk of developing blood clots.

Important to remember: If you’re a smoker, pregnant or using pills like birth control pills, you might have more chances to develop DVT than those who are not using any of the medications.

As an extensive precaution, you can get yourself examined before and after taking a long flight briefly so that you don’t receive shocks of developing some unknown clots from nowhere.

Did you know about DVT before? What do you do to prevent it?

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