5 Surprising Routine things that May hurt your Heart-Take Notice Now


The heart is said to be the engine of the body as it fails, man dies. Heart, being the vital organ of the body is set to be functioned as healthy as possible. You may avoid smoking, drink less alcohol, do regular exercise but still, there are some unconsidered common factors that may hurt your heart. These common habits can cause severe damage to heart functioning which must be prevented by taking care of.

Let’s have a brief look!

Binge watching TV

Even when you do exercise daily, if you sit for hours regular in chair sticking your eyes to the TV screen, you would end up with a heart stroke and attack eventually. You must keep in mind exercise is the one-time job for overall health but blood flows every time in our veins. The lack of movement in the body poses negative effects on fat and sugar levels in blood vessels. You can avoid stress on your blood vessels by moving around after short intervals of time for few moments. This doesn’t even save your heart but your eyes and prevent you from developing blood clots.


Snoring, a sign of sleep apnea is not a disease to be worried about apparently but it leads to high blood pressure, arrhythmia and stroke, finally. The people suffering snoring usually do not get deep sleep due to blood circulation in the body. The cure for sleep apnea can reduce the severity of snoring that would eventually normalize your blood pressure. By taking small care of yourself, you can avoid serious heart implications like stroke while sleeping.

Not Flossing

It is a sort of gum disorder that can lead you to heart disease due to involving bacteria. The same bacteria cause gum diseases is entered into main bloodstream that may cause inflammation. Inflammation may in turn cause stress in the body tissues leading to severe heart blow. It is a simple disease but if not cured well at the right time, causes internal organs diseases leading to serious consequences. To prevent flossing, visit your dentist regularly and use standard toothpaste. Mainly, prevention is much better than cure.

Skimping on fruit + Veggies

It suggests people who eat vegetables and fruits regularly reduce the risks of heart disease by 20 %, according to a research. The doctors further suggest taking at least 5 servings of fruit or veggies daily to keep yourself healthy. If you think it’s much, reduces it to healthy one or two serving per day.


Drinking is a developed habit in most of the people rather than a need. These people might think modest drinking is healthy and not hazardous but they must know that drinking of any level has great to deal with blood pressure, high levels of blood fats and heart failure in the end.

It is quite interesting about drinking quantity varies for male and females. Females are advised to limit one drink a day while men are advised to stick two drinks for better health and to avoid hear strokes.

All above mentioned simple but crucial things can really hurt heart functioning in the body if not stopped at the proper time. In order to prevent them, you must take of yourself on your own and you must consult your doctor.

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