Research Says Massage Can Help Treat Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be the worst thing in anyone’s life because when it happens, it leads you nowhere else but to the bed. It leads to the job disability when the situation becomes chronic as one out of ten persons suffers from lower back pain and experience struggles every day.

A research published in a health magazine named Pain Magazine finds only the massage can find lasting relief to chronic lower back pain.

There are different views regarding the utility of massage whether is the workable solution or not. To find the general interest of people, researchers conduct a study on more than 100 people with persistent lower back pain. Their physicians refer them to licenced therapists and massage experts where they attended at least ten sessions each in twelve weeks. In order to make patients comfortable and prevent boredom, therapists were advised to change the module of massage.

In the end, a questionnaire was filled by all the patients that conclude more than 50 % of the patients report meaningful improvement in the chronic lower back pain. A few of them have removed the risks of disability and have come back in normal healthy life passing standard screening test while some of them make the average recovery, an assistant professor of Health Sciences at Indiana University, Niki Munk, concludes.

To better luck the patients, most of the improvements hold for long. While three fourth of them who reported improvement still feel better even without regular massage and therapy sessions. Dr Munk says though a few have reverted back a little bit most of them are still significantly improved than before research conditioning.

She further points out that all the patients were not only suffering from lower back pain but got some other problems as well such as a few of them had obesity while others had different bad health conditions so the result was expected to be varied. People with good health condition got maximum recovery from chronic lower body pain. She says most of the patients with chronic lower body pain suffer from other diseases that make it difficult to cure.

By keeping other variables into the study under consideration, researchers found some demographic trends like adults age ranging 49 to older had more improvements than the younger ones while patients with obesity also tended to improve more. The patients taking opioids were two times vulnerable and went through fewer improvements, relatively.

Effect of this Study

William Elder speaks this type of studies help doctors to boost their potential to treat and practice emerging health conditions. He continues to say message and therapy are good guidelines to follow but should not be used more than they are needed. Because clinical trials suggest treatments in ideal and controlled conditions but doctors always seek real-life experiments to assure the health of patients.

In the end, this study might help the doctors to suggest their patients a therapy and message as a recommended tool for treatment. As the chief purpose of doctors is to make the patient comfortable, not to keep him in bed!