There Are Different Types Of Eye Redness And You Need To Know The Causes For Better Treatment

Redness in the eyes is of many types like the spider, red veins, red patches or overall redness caused by different reasons. Being careful about your eyes, you must have the sense why the eyes are appearing red and whether should be consulted with the doctor or not right away.

Eyes are the mirror of soul that depicts your feelings and personality traits but redness in the eyes are injurious to health and display uneasiness. Sometimes your single eye may appear red or maybe both thus both carry different complications in treatment. There can be the problem with your eyes or in another part of the body causing redness. Jessica Lee, MD, assistant professor of vitreoretinal surgery in the department of ophthalmology illustrates the eyes usually turn red when surface blood vessels of the eye get dilated or inflamed. In addition to it, she stated there can be multiple reasons that can happen as well.

She continues saying some of the causes and reasons are simple and easy to fix and treat while some may carry severe complexities depending on their nature. The red, inflamed and itchy eyes can be the symptoms of having impacts on vision or other physical problems. Doctor Lee briefly describes the causes and the effective treatments for eyes safety that I’m going to discuss now.


Different sort of allergies make your eyes red, inflamed, itchy and feel bad but these allergies also trigger redness in eyes and can turn into worse if scratched. These allergic reactions occur when body’s immune system overworks or over-response to general or harmless stimulus. Dr Lee further exposes anything can cause the reaction but dust, pollen, pet dander, and detergent are most common.

When you are not exposed to the allergen, redness would go away but in some cases, it can take time depending on the severity and nature of the allergy. To make cure fast, try to splash your eyes with cold water as soon as possible or do some cold compress to make them cool. Furthermore, Dr Lee suggests putting drops in your eyes to soothe and to prevent allergies is also helpful.

Pink Eye

This is a non-medical term for conjunctivitis, an infection carrying bacterial, viral or allergy inducted infection that can set your eyes bright red. Apart from bright redness, eyes can be swollen, itchy and teary for time being, Dr Lee said in her interview. It is the common type of allergy that rarely becomes severe, but this infection can leave you off for several days from office or work keeping your eyes guppy, pinkish and bright red.

However, this type of allergy does not alarm the situation to visit the doctor but you can put some cold compress and splash cold water to fix the problem. If this would not work and continue for few days and you believe it is conjunctivitis virus, then you have to get it checked by your doctor for better care. Anti-bacterial drops can help as first-hand aid to your eyes if pink eye is the case.

It is to be noted that if you have viral or bacterial conjunctivitis, you should avoid it spreading to other family members. Sharing towels, makeup kits, scratching eyes and touch others can easily transmit the virus to others thus prevention is much better.

Too much alcohol

If you are the drinker and drink too much alcohol, it might make your eyes bright red with spider-like veins which means your eyes got effects of alcohol. Alcohol affects the tiny blood vessels in the eyes to dilate, thus more blood flows through them making eyes red. Dr Lee says simply the more you drink, the more blood pass through those veins and finally, eyes become red. After recovery from alcohol binge, your eyes would normally after hours or you can use drops to control the flow of blood.

Less Sleep

Tired or awakening eyes appear to be bloodshot eyes. The less you sleep, the less oxygen will lead to your eyes, eventually blood vessels turn to dilate and eyes become red, Dr Lee tells the setbacks of sleeping less. There can be other factors except little sleeping like when you see a light for long time or eyes continue to be open, it prevents the cornea from getting lubricated causing dryness and redness in the eyes. To ease the discomfort, Dr Lee asks to sleep full and use cold compress while keeping eyes closed.

A stye

It is a small red bump upward your eyes forms eyelid or bottom edge of the eye. This can also be affected and you may have one or a several pimple or boil. The foremost sign is redness following swelling and sensitivity caused by bacteria!

Though it does not affect your eyesight it looks bad on your eyelid. Dr Lee advises not to touch or scratch it otherwise it can be worse.

All these are the most common eye infections that we all go through once in our lives. By keeping suggesting treatment, we can make our eyes feeling easy.

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